Press Highlights

"Jane Eyre (The Musical) contains some of the best music and lyrics in a musical...Songs like 'One Love, Two Hearts' and 'Never Before' are duets between Jane and Rochester, and have the ability to stop the show and bring tears to your eyes...You don't have to be a fan of the novel, or even have read it, to come and enjoy Jane Eyre ( the Musical).

Ian Bishop, President, Little Room Theatre
1999 Showcase Review, Wenatchee and Seattle, Washington
Published by North Central Washington Theatre Central on

"The collaboration of...playwrights Rebecca Thompson and Kari Skousen, and Musical Composer, Bill Kilpatrick, is to be highly commended. Jane Eyre: The Musical...served up an enchanting evening of exquisite music and enjoyable entertainment!...An enticing aspect of this new musical is the exploration of the character of Rochester, his internal frustrations revealed in the lyrics and dialogue allowing the audience access to HIS point of view...I found the playwrights' and composer's treatment of Jane Eyre exhilarating and inspiring. I think (the) audience walked away as I did, impressed with the magnitude of such a project, but best of all, savoring the showcase's superb fare: the delicate and mellifluous songs that stole the show!"

Sherry Schreck, Producing Director, Short Shakespeareans
1999 Showcase Review, Wenatchee and Seattle, Washington
Published by Nora Coyle on Jane Eyre-The Musical, Movie and Book

"This new (musical) version (of Brontë's novel) makes the story very interesting and understandable...The character building theme of this story, put to music, should inspire all...With this musical score and script, one could picture this production being another Camelot."

Nina K. Johnson, Reporter, Murrieta Messenger
2000 Premiere Review, Lake Elsinore, California
Published in the Murrieta Messenger Newspaper, September 2000 issue

"It is such a literary piece, it's a challenge to do the authors justice. It's so beautifully written, both words and music."

Eric Anderson, 'Rochester' in Jane Eyre: The Musical
2000 Premiere Production, Lake Elsinore, California
Quoted in "The Curtain Rises for 'Jane Eyre'" by Shari Crall
Published in The Californian Newspaper 8/18/2000

"Jane Eyre: The Musical is gripping; totally thrilling...Romance, mystery, suspense, surprises and coincidences, plus a hint of the supernatural are all key components of this masterwork. Beautiful singing and fantastic music. Craig Duke (director), Scott King (choreographer and stage designer), Bill Kilpatrick (music composer, arranger and director), Kristi Heckman (costumer), and Kari Skousen and Rebecca Thompson (book and lyrics) - all earn an overall score of 10 plus for completing this spectacular achievement."

Bruce Singer, Editor, Entertainment Roundup
2000 Premiere Review, Lake Elsinore, California
Published in the Entertainment Roundup Newspaper, August 2000 issue


 "Jane Eyre: The Musical was truly one of the most outstanding plays ever staged in southwest Riverside County.  Congratulations to WhiteRose Productions and its creative team on your success."

Bruce Singer, Editor, Entertainment Roundup
Editors note from article  entitled: "Local Musical Gets Major Boost in Big Apple"
Published in the Entertainment Roundup Newspaper, March, 2003 issue