Premiere Cast Recording

By Nora Coyle

This is my review of Jane Eyre The Musical by Kari Skousen, Rebecca Thompson and Bill Kilpatrick. Mr. Kilpatrick did a remarkable job on the score. It is touching and moving. Ms. Skousen and Ms. Thompson wrote the lyrics with Charlotte's novel as their basis, and that's obvious. Their lyrics are inspiring and perfect for character development. The performers all worked incredibly hard and every bit of their devotion and love for this musical is obvious. I applaud everyone involved.

This song has a wonderful score! The voices are very solid. This is wonderfully done. I really like the chorus in this song.

Kingdom of Spirits
This song has a gorgeous melody. Helen, Allyse Smith, has a charming voice. I like the use of human law and God's law in this song--something that will be used throughout Jane's journey and is a crucial key to her heart and mind. This song is beautiful!

I like the beginning: Helen's guidance is a creative way of showing the audience Jane's reasoning in the thins she does. I like their harmonies. Young Jane, Tara Miller, and Helen's voice blend nicely together.

I Am An Arrow
This song is a wonderful way to guide us through the musical. An important theme carried throughout for her character. At first I didn't think a smaller voice suited the character of Jane Eyre at all, however, it gives the character a sense of innocence and youth. But I wonder the effectiveness at the end of the show.

Just Like a Woman
This song provides the audience with a very different view of the Rochester we know: dark, mysterious and lonely. In this song, my impression is a light-hearted fellow, which I have a hard time grasping and understanding. Since this is his first song, I think the audience should have been introduced to a gruffer Rochester, the only one we know that exists at this point in the musical/novel.

Secret Glances
The first word that pops into my head is CHARMING! The melody is beautiful and the score compliments it nicely. The words are meaningful and touching. This song is wonderful!

Gala Affair
Nice dialouge! The men's chorus sounds strong and wonderful. This is a very pleasant song--ideal for this scene. There is a nice use of Bronte's own words from the novel.

No Greater Fool
I love this song. The melody is beautiful, and Liz McAvoy sings this song wonderfully--I like how she handles it. The lyrics are the best part of it. The strength Ms. McAvoy sings with is what I was talking of before. Brava!

Gypsy I (II)
The song provides a wonderful sense of mystery. Rochester's performance is hilarious and perfect--it is delightful! Mr. Eric Anderson really does an amazing job--very versatile.

Never Before
Mr. Anderson's monologue is beautiful at the beginning. He was a marvelous and obvious choice for Rochester. This song is enchanting! On the sheet of paper I was taking notes on, I have beautiful underlined over and over: 'beautiful meoldy and lyrics--VERY beautiful.' Oh, this song is extremely touching and moving. What Mr. Anderson does with this song will wow even the most faithful Crivello/Barbour fan. The melody accompanied with Mr. Anderson's voice is so enchanting, it made me stop in my tracks and all I could do was sit and fall in its spell.

Sever Them
Interesting portrayal of Bertha--character and musically--she reminds me of an evil witch, like Bernadette Peters in Into the Woods! In this adaption, Bertha seems to be much more consicous than Charlotte ever allowed her to be.

Secrets and Lies I (II)
Not enough adaptions of this great novel include the dialouge between Jane and Rochester after their wedding blew up in their face. I think this is an important part of Jane's development and the writers and composers handle it nicely here.

One Love, Two Hearts
This song promises us that Jane's decision is one filled with hope, but not without the shadow of despair. When I hear this song, I think of Jane as a woman who is filled with strength, despite her tragic situation. Ms. McAvoy gives a beautifully done monologue. When I got up to run an errand, I found myself singing this melody over and over.

Morton/No Place for Me
Great score! This song definetly takes you off guard, it is the villagers of Morton singing about their lives. It holds the same feel as "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast It is a place in the story one would not think to accentuate, but it lifts your spirits for a while. No Place For Me is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This song is perfect for Jane. The single piano line is absolutely gorgeous. It is the point where she is left out on the street to fend for herself, where she is degraded and humiliated, a very poignant part in the novel, but is hardly ever given any attention--but Skousen/Thompson/Kilpatrick didn't forget it! Ms. McAvoy does a beautiful job--very impressive.

Answer the Call
Despite the length (nearly 10 minutes), this scene is crucial to the story and done extremely well by all who contributed.

You're All I Need

The lyrics are beautiful. Mr. Anderson and Ms. McAvoy did a marvelous. A triumphant ending to a triumphant novel.

I would recommend this musical to any and all musical lovers and/or Jane Eyre fans. This musical is touching and inspiring.