Mission Statement

We believe in the power of theatre. Perhaps no other medium can have as much influence on people and their feelings as live theatre, particularly musical theatre. It behooves those performers and writers who wield such power to do so responsibly, with an aim to better society, not to feed its baser cravings. Therefore, we believe good theatre will not only bring out emotions in people - which after all, is the main reason they come - but will also raise their sights, lift them to a higher plane, spark desires to strengthen character. In this way, we can do our small part to make the world a little bit better.

We have created a musical play which we believe will do all these things. "Jane Eyre" will elicit sympathy, laughter, indignation, hope, love, fear, pain and joy. It will appeal to a vast audience, because it can be enjoyed on several levels.

At first glance, it has a wonderful story line. Charlotte Brontë's novel has been loved for two centuries, so the story is tried and true, and it embodies all the elements a dramatic epic would require: mystery, romance, suspense, surprises and coincidences, plus a hint of the supernatural.

Those who dig a little deeper will enjoy "Jane Eyre: The Musical" because of the strong characters involved. Many will identify with Jane because she had such a difficult life, but more than that, they will see her integrity in the face of all those odds, and she will be an excellent role model for women. Others will identify with Rochester because they've made mistakes and are haunted by them, and then they will see Rochester rise above his past and change because of Jane's influence and love.

But if you really want to get to the heart of this play, you will find that essentially this is a story about choices. The audience will witness many choices and their consequences, but this story is not just about what happens as a result of the characters' choices. It is about how those choices bear fruit in their souls. Indeed, on this level, we can learn something about what makes us who we are, and that is something that is good for all of us to know.

Rebecca Thompson-Duvall
Kari Skousen
Bill Kilpatrick

The newly-formed WhiteRose Productions is a general partnership which formalizes the team of writers Rebecca Thompson and Kari Skousen and composer Bill Kilpatrick which has been working together since 1997. "Jane Eyre: The Musical" is their first creation, and with the success of this venture they plan to go on to create many more inspiring works for the "ideal theatre experience."

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The WhiteRose Productions Creative Team: Kari Skousen, Rebecca Thompson, Bill Kilpatrick